Monday, October 03, 2005


Intelligent Design = intelligent Reality

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design is an essential element of reality. Without it there would be only chaos. Transforming random sub-atomic particles into functional physical reality is a major creative achievement. Another major creative achievement is creating living beings with the intelligence to understand and use reality to their advantage. Neither of these systems are perfect but they are a whole lot better than the next best thing.

Intelligent people realize that it takes intelligence to create a functional universe. Science is based on observation. It is obvious from observation that nature is just as intelligent as people when it comes to creating a functional environment that is consistent with people's needs and desires. Intelligence is a constant. It is the ability to understand what function is and apply it. Even plants understand where the sun is and how to move into the sun. Science is missing the most important attribute of nature its intelligent and functional design. Science without an open mind is not science.

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